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Prospective Dad: I am the youngest of three children born to parents from large Southern families, full of "tribal talk" and cherished physical similarities between relatives. I just assumed I would be part of that big baby-making machine one day. But, in April 2010, I discovered that I never had, and never would, produce the sperm required to create a biological family. Struggling with that loss, I soon realized there was a devastating lack of infertility groups and other resources from which men like me could find information and support. I hope by sharing the story of my journey of sterility and building a loving family through adoption, I can be help build a community for other men wrestling with the deeply personal issues of identity, legacy, and fatherhood.

Prospective Mom: I hail from a small family built around the strengths of my grandmother and women. All my life I've been waiting to have two daughters to carry on our matriarchy. I waited a long time and married the man who was perfect for me. When we began trying to have a family, I learned that I would never be able to have my beautiful husband's child. As we moved from the loss of the dream child, to donor sperm, and into adoption, I have become a stronger person, woman, and wife. Through all the loss and all the maddening depression, I have been changed in a fundamental way. This journey and my husband have shown me a level of love I never knew existed and what it means to truly accept your life.