Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Little Donor IUI Humor

My amazing friend Suzy who is sharing and being an advocate for choosing ART through donors at the group blog Bloggers for Hope, well, she and I share two things: we both chose donor IUI treatments and we both have an immature sense of humor about it. For example, she buys pillows at Wal-Mart shaped like sperm because they are funny.

I dedicated this video to her today on twitter, because she and her DH are going through round two soon, and this is always how I invisioned it was happening when I was going through mine. So, hope it makes some of you smile! Laughter through tears!


  1. I really think that on the eve before your next IUI you need to, eh-hem, "sit" on your sperm pillow and put this video on repeat. That is the sperm ceremony.