Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sterile Man vs. The Family Reunion: The Weigh-In

The wifes and I got lucky with our family holidays. Thanksgiving is big with her family and Christmas is big with mine. And otherwise, there aren't a lot of big family events spread out through the year that require us to be around scores of parents and children. As we entered the emotionally draining world of infertility, we even stayed away from these holidays. It's sort of like how you poo-poo Valentine's Day when you're single so you don't feel sad or how you avoid a baptism when you're sterile so you don't end up taking that baby. Those are similar in scope, right?

Anyway, my parents have decided that Fourth of July is the perfect time to gather up for a family reunion and we've decided to go. Here are the Pro's and Con's:

Con: My family will be there.
Pro: Kidding. It's been forever since we've visited my family on the farm.

Con: "Family reunion" t-shirts have been made and expected to be worn.
Pro: A long weekend is always nice despite how much heavy cotton you have to wear.

Con: It was during this reunion last July that we realized our first I.U.I. had failed and we holed up in the house for most of the weekend to cry it out.
Pro: Being on the adoption path has made us I happier and stronger.

Con: Worrying about children around fireworks.
Pro: Fireworks!

Con: I will probably fall apart when I see my brother's 5-month-old son for the first time.
Pro: Hearing the wife explain that I'm crying because I'm just so happy.

Con: Dodging the questions and comments about when we're going to have babies.
Pro: Smiling while thinking to myself: "Sooner than you think..."

Con: All the talk of legacy, heritage, traits, etc. (It is a family reunion, after all.)
Pro: ... (Any ideas?)

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